Plant-Lepidoptera Database (India)

First of its kind database of 15000 host plant-Lepidoptera feeding relationships for different eco-regions in India, and a significant new milestone in biodiversity restoration efforts. The database now provides planters a ready list of high-biodiversity supporting plants for key cities in India.

The searchable database will be put up shortly

BioPower Index

This index has been formulated to balance across generalist and threatened specialist insect species and ranks plants according to their ability to support biodiversity. It provides a rational basis for selection of best mix plants for insect biodiversity restoration in large-scale planting initiatives, local landscaping and gardens.

City Lists

To connect with local gardeners and landscapers and make it easier to understand what trees to plant, we’ve published city-wise lists of native plants ranked by the amount of biodiversity they support, classified as trees, climbers, shrubs and grasses.

Download Planting Lists Mumbai Nagpur Nashik