Workshops & School Program

Our popular children’s workshops include a scavenger hunt, meetings with trees and leaf detective work that will bring a new appreciation for our city’s arboreal residents. Kids will make friends with trees while learning about the vital ecological role of native trees.

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Municipal Projects

Our aim is to see a change in the plants used in the greening of our cities. We have started our pilot eco-city project with the help of the municipal authorities of Satana, Nashik District. The goal of this eco-city project is to create native biodiversity gardens throughout the city.

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Advocacy & Outreach

Our "Vocal of Local Trees" campaign is the cornerstone of our outreach. The campaign spreads awareness about the importance of planting native trees. We kickstarted our campaign with a webinar supported by prominent environmentalists.

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Identification Guides

Our identification guides are filled with information on common native and non-native plants. We were also commissioned to create a guide to include common butterflies and birds of Mumbai.

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Clean and Green

We have undertaken a clean and green project as well as urban foresting projects using Miyawaki method. The clean and green project is an initiative aimed at taking abandoned public spaces in the city and greening them.

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Many thanks to Dr. Douglas Tallamy and Kimberely Shopshire, University of Delaware, for their advice and support. This two-year project has led to a first of its kind database of 15000 host plant-Lepidoptera feeding relationships for different eco-regions in India, and a significant new milestone in biodiversity restoration efforts. The database now provides planters a ready list of high-biodiversity supporting plants for key cities in India.

The database will be put up shortly

This index has been formulated to balance across generalist and threatened specialist insect species and ranks plants according to their ability to support biodiversity. It provides a rational basis for selection of best mix plants for insect biodiversity restoration in large-scale planting initiatives, local landscaping and gardens.

To connect with local gardeners and landscapers and make it easier to understand what trees to plant, we’ve published city-wise lists of native plants ranked by the amount of biodiversity they support, classified as trees, climbers, shrubs and grasses.

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Stone Soup Leadership Institute

Jun 24, 2021 | Book Signing

Book Signing for Stone Soup for a Sustainable World: Life-Changing Stories of Young Heroes features the stories of 100 leaders from 38 countries who work to build a more just, equitable, and sustainable world.

Children's Climate Prize Awards

Nov 18, 2020 | Awards

Digital event took place in Stockholm to present the 2020 edition winners, interviews with them as well as jury members, vice Prime Minister of Sweden & more.

NAAEE 49th Annual Conference

Oct 16, 2020 | Conference

The final plenary panel of the conference - Young Leaders Inspiring Change features the stories of inspirational young leaders selected from the 2020 EE 30 Under 30 honorees.

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